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Submit Your Name!

Before you submit your name, here are some guidelines as to what we're looking for.

After we've collected submissions, we'll vet them against our preferences and pick the ones that best suit our business venture, and then hold those up for a final voting round via everyone following our news channels. If your name hits on these points, it's more likely to get chosen for the final round. (We're all gamers here, so we know we like to play the system.)

1. Search Engine Optimization.

If someone plugs in "game store in XYZ area", or "game store with cool stuff," how likely is our store name to pop up? 

2. Web and Community Presence.

We're gonna choose names that we can make our own - submissions like "Star City Games" or "Games Workshop" aren't gonna make the cut.

3. Expandability.

Here's the end goal: we don't just want to be a game store. We want to be a community hub for everything nerdy - we're starting out with boardgames, cards, and tabletop RPG, sure, but we wanna move into comics, War Games, collectibles, and beyond. The plan is this: start with "XYZ Games" and move into "XYZ Games and Whatever" in the future. So the more inclusive your name idea can be, the better.

4. Inclusivity.

Imagine your boss has just sat you down in his office with a bunch of "team leaders" for something called "sensitivity training" because you used the greeting "Hey dudes!" in an email, and there was one gal in the chain. Yeah. We don't mess around.

5. Puns.

We love them. If you stuff a pun in there we're gonna snatch it up. Be careful, though - there's a fine line between clever and terrible and we're judgmental bastards.

Now that you know the guidelines, what should we name our store?

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